WELCOME!  Please join the ongoing Conversation in Reconciliation.

This page is a space for Visitors to the ONLINE PÎKISKWE-SPEAK ART AND FILM INSTALLATION to leave responses in WORD.  You are invited to submit reflections, stories, poems, essays, and other forms of creative writing below.  Upon review*, these will be added to the continuing Conversation in Reconciliation that Beth and Lana began in communities across Canada with the Pîkiskwe-Speak Tour in 2017-2019 (See TOUR STOPS).
In each community they visited, Lana and Beth launched the Pîkiskwe-Speak Installation with a Community Conversation in Reconciliation. An Indigenous Elder from each host community guided the conversations, helping participants understand the impact of the Indian Residential School system on the people in their home territory.  Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians joined the conversation across the land and we hope you will join the conversation virtually, in this space, so we can work together to heal the wounding in our nation and build community in this shared land.

RESPONSES BELOW include comments that were left in the Pîkiskwe-Speak Sharing Book by Visitors to the Art and Film Installation in Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Yellowknife, Winnipeg, Regina, Halifax, Toronto (York), and Vancouver.




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14 Responses to “Conversation in Word”

    • I attended the opening of this show at the central library in Ottawa last week .After laughing,brought to tears ,humbled ,I felt honoured to be present ! This past week ,I saw the show at Gallery 101 in Ottawa .i was amazed at the size of the piece of Uncle George, I had assumed from the visual perspective of the film and his story,the piece would be larger,,,it’s presence still rests in my mind and heart .i must thank all involved for such clarity to the tragic circumstances that brought this show to all who have had the pleasure of your energies!

  1. Beth Wishart MacKenzie

    Words and thoughts shared at:
    Galerie Citè, La Cité Francophone
    Edmonton, Alberta
    January 20-March 30, 2018

    Thank you for creating this time for first peoples stories to be heard.
    Thank you for gathering us together.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Humbly grateful,

    Lana, you are such a beautiful human being.
    Lots of love,

    Lana, it was an honour to hear your story, of healing, the strength of your voice and the love you shared.

    “I want to take the time to thank you for being who you are and for your talent.
    Thank you for opening yourself up to the world by sharing your personal history. You may not want to consider it, but one way or another you are a heroine, and today’s world needs someone like you, to change, modify and illuminate the steps taken by others.
    Every time, I enter this establishment and watch this documentary film I find light shining upon tragic words and others…”

    Je veur prendu le temps de vous remercier pour votre personne et votre talent.
    Merci de vous ouvrir au monde en partagiant votre histoiré. Vous pouvez ne pas le coin deris, mais d’une façon ou d’une autre vous ètes une heroine et le monde d’aujourd’hui á le temps précis a besion d’une personne comme vous, pour changez , modifier it ensoleeller des pas des autres.
    A chaques fois, j’entre dans cet etablissement et regarde ce film on le documentaire je trouve le soleil brille au delá des mots tragiques et autres…

    (I want to take the time to thank you for being who you are and for your talent.
    Thank you for opening yourself up to the world by sharing your personal history. You may not want to consider it, but one way or another you are a heroine, and today’s world needs someone like you, to change, modify and illuminate the steps taken by others.
    Every time, I enter this establishment and watch this documentary film I find light shining upon tragic words and others…)

    Merci. Thank you for everything and keep like that.

    Thank you for sharing your journey of healing with us. Listening to you speak about your art and why you added different elements and processes gave me so much more understanding.
    Thank you for making such an awesome documentary.

    Thank you so much for your courage and resilience to continue to tell your story.
    Bless you for continued Boldness to share. We pray for open doors … wherever you need to go.

    Thank you for your love and friendship. We’re blessed to know such a beautiful iskwew (woman).
    Much love,
    T & Family

    Thank you, Lana, for sharing who you are in all its beauty and grandeur.
    With gratitude,

    This is a wonderful exhibit, Lana, and good to learn more about what is behind the works through Beth’s film. This work and the realities and questions it raises should be shared with more communities.

    A wonderful and meaningful interpretation of your art. A great film to be shared.

    This is a beautiful gift. Honored to hear your voice.

    Lana, ninaskoman (I am grateful), this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
    Ay Ay

    Thank you for sharing your art and your reflections about the impact of residential schools and individuals and communities.
    LF & JB

    Thank you.
    This is a wonderful work which speaks without words… about the loss of words and what went with them. It communicates.

    Lana & Beth
    What a blessing to experience your movie, your artwork and your story in the first person. It is very profound and hits me in the heart.

    Gorgeous work Lana! Absolutely adored your paintings. You are such an inspiration!
    Ay Ay

    Thank you for sharing your vision and your work.

    Congratulations on your installation. Only got to see the still works.

    Lana, thank you for sharing your stories and art work.
    Beth, thank you for sharing her story.
    Powerful. Beautiful.

    Reconciliation is so important as our society changes, year by year. The Racism and hate needs to be acknowledged so all can change their ways One at a time and teach their kids so can be seen one generation at a time. We need to love and respect each other. If we can’t be nice then just don’t be mean and look at why you are the way you are!

    Thank you, merci, Lana and Beth, and everyone involved in this project for sharing, with such beauty and depth, this important information and message to the greater community!
    Keep making your voice and message heard.
    (P.S. “Art…is my way of healing and my way of remembering where I come from.”
    Yes! The power of ART! And you, Lana, are helping to heal others, too, through sharing your art and story.)

    Thank you Lana. I really enjoyed sitting and watching the film. Very inspiring for me and I resonate with everything you shared. Bless you on your healing journey and success.

    Dear Beth Wishart Mackenzie!! How and where on this earth can we maybe still be watching your powerful documentary?
    E & E L

    Nanaskahmoon kahkiyaw nimis sahkitin kiya Ni Osawan kehew!
    I am very grateful for everything my little sister. I love you my little sister.

    Lana, your reflective artwork encourages me to also reflect on life events. Thank you.

    Thank you Beth and Lana for your years of preparation to share this story with Canadians and beyond. I know them as syllabics. Thank you for showing us the details.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Very powerful presentations. Adds so much to the depth portrayed in the artwork. Thanks.

    Merci tout simplement …

    (syllabics) miyasin (very good)
    Ay Ay

    Dear Lana!
    Thanks for deeply moving and powerful paintings.

    Je m’appelle J.
    Wayki (Hello – Okanagan)


    (mark of circle – by little one)

    A very impressive and powerful film and art display. Thank you for sharing
    D & H W. (Lashburn, SK)

    I like your paintings (smiley face)
    Love, GW

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was an honour to hear it.

    I’m really glad I was able to hear your story through your art, but also in your voice in the documentary by Beth Wishart MacKenzie. I think not enough people have had the chance to really know about Residential Schools and intergenerational trauma. I think this is a great way of sharing this with others.
    Hay hay
    M. J-J.

  2. Beth MacKenzie

    Words and thoughts shared at:
    Ashukan Cultural Space
    Montréal, Quebec
    June 15-August 6, 2018

    Hello Lana,
    Great show. All the best.
    Your Fellow Artist

    You are changing minds and hearts through your art and voice

    So glad these cultures have managed to survive.
    Thank you.

    Félicitations! Super beau
    DJ (heart)


    Lana, meegwetch (thank you) for your generosity, your willingness to share profoundly moving emotions and artistic practice. I am honoured to host your show at the ASHUKAN CULTURAL SPACE.
    Nadine St. Louis

    Beth, your collaboration in making the film and visually documenting Lana’s narrative is fabulous and perfect to present alongside the works.
    Thank you,
    Nadine St. Louis

    Your work moves me, tears, and voice caught in my throat. I feel also joy and pride of one to stand strong in your life.
    Thank you,

    Nia: wen Ko: wa for such generosity in sharing your story and artistic process. Congratulations to both of you Lana and Beth for such a powerful installaiton/exhibition/film that allose us to witness the resilience of Indigenous people and the strength of art.

    Thank you so much Lana for being who you are. It’s wonderful that way, perfect, real and genuinely inspiring. The magic of life is with your spirit, always and forever.

    You transform pain and grief into beauty and teaching. Thank you for teaching me.
    JK (Boston, MA)

    Courage! Your ally.
    Meegwetch (thank you)! pour cette installation.

    RB (Toronto)

    Trés emouvant, l’être humain est capable de faire comme du bien.
    (Very moving, human beings are capable of doing such good.)

    Thanks for this much needed space and conversation.
    Love from Toronto

    EM – NYC

    Beautiful! Haunting, powerful.
    Thank you!

    Muy Bonito lugar, las personas son muy amables.
    Me gusta, Montréal

    EV (México)

    A very powerful and moving exhibition.
    It took great courage to share the history. Thank you.

    Lana, thank you for your wisdom and courageous work to touch our hearts minds and spirits with this forgotten narrative.

    Mme Whiskeyjack,
    Wow! Quelle prefondeux. Vous êtes trés talentueuse et vos œvreus sont trés inspirantes.
    (Wow! What depth. You are so talented and your exhibits are very inspiring.)
    JdL (smile)

    Touchée, éblouie, émue.
    (Touched, dazzled, moved.)

    Un espacio lindo y miy importante para apoya a los artistas indigenas.Gracias per se parte de un movimicito que aprecia y quiere coserva la culture de cote contierte!
    iQue vivan los Americas

    I Feliciacides!
    Desbe Méxica
    X see loable labor a quieuer original meete tuerou poseedors
    De ester tiervos gracia x eu tribute

    Loved it!

    Good job! We love it!

    Beautiful. Live every year. Keep up the beautiful work.

    Your artwork speaks to the heart. Thank you for sharing your work.


    From Chicago
    With Love,
    (heart) C & G



    L’eau sa mouille. Le feu sa brule!
    aprouvé par moi
    (Water makes wet. Fire, it burns!
    I approve)

    Sa c’est bon!
    (It’s good!)

    Très belle chanson
    (Beautiful song)

    Woua cette chanson m’a donné des frissons. J’ai adoré!
    (Wow, the song gave me goosebumps. I loved it!)

    Bisous de G
    Kisses from G)
    oh moi ausi. C’est très sympathique
    (Oh me too. It’s very nice)

    “Mano Tendida”
    de una culture distints peno parte del TO DO – Spain

    (heart) Vos status son magnifique
    (Your sculptures are magnificent)

    Nous avons encore tant à découvir et à apprendre des Premières Nations!! Vive les projets comme Ashukan! Longue vie à vous.
    (We still have so much to discover and learn from First Nations!! Long live projects like Ashukan! A long life to you)

    We are all treaty people. It took far too long.

    All the way from Texas (smiley face)

    J’ai adore
    (I loved it)

    We define ourselves and we are free to do so (smiley face)
    Love from,

    Amazing and powerful
    (heart) ES

    Beautiful (heart)

    Très joli, merci pour l’exposition
    (So lovely, thank you for the exhibition)
    (smiley face)

    I love the way you are keeping your culture alive (heart)
    M (Arlington, VA)

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and history with us today. My grandmother passed a few years ago and she used to share knowledge of our family history when I would visit. Your words about how you wished you could ask more questions and understand better resonated with me very well. Especially as a white woman in western society, it gave me a drive to understand my heritage and culture better. Safe journeys through life.
    Rose (Maryland USA)

    Thanks for sharing your culture and history.
    M et E (France)

    Beautiful Gallery!

    Ii Horwaso lugar, mistrco y
    Xocluitl- Pre

  3. Beth MacKenzie

    Words and thoughts shared at:
    Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario
    September 13-29, 2018

    The gallery helped me and my class be more aware of struggle of the first peoples through art which I thought was very beautiful (heart)

    Firstly I am very sorry about your uncle and how your family and all First Peoples were forced to go to such cold, dark place, even though I wasn’t there and I’m not Canadian either, I still feel sad and responsible since I am living in here. We/I will support your art and pass your story and First Peoples’ story. Thank you for speaking up.

    Thank you for the beautiful description of your process, and for the exhibition and conversation. Moving, inspiring, challenging.

    Many thanks. Your story of resilience is an inspiration!

    What a fantastic exhibit. I learned so much from you –
    • loving/taking care of yourself
    • perseverance
    • trust
    Thank you,

    Thank you for sharing such a personal story & for the incredibly beautiful and moving pieces!
    Wishing you peace and love,

    I felt very moved watching the art and your process unfold in the film. Thank you for your teachings and your courage; sharing your strength and wounds heals not only the artist but the world who witnesses. Thank you Lana,

    Thank you, Beth & Lana, for inviting us into your art & your stories. And thank you Gallery 101 for holding a space for this beautiful conversation!

    Great Grandma!
    Lana and Beth, what a treat to witness this wonderful collaboration that testifies to the healing power of Art and the strength of the human spirit – as well as film’s ability to reveal and touch the human heart. I am proud of both of you.
    AJR & RR

    Lana and Beth, Thank you so much for coming to Ottawa and sharing your stories and art forms. We have enjoyed spending time with you, learning more (isn’t that the beauty of connecting?) Thinking more and appreciating life more!
    D & C-a

    Very moving, powerful storytelling

    Thank you – you are so open and courageous when you tell your story through words and art.

    Merci, thank you for opening the world to an ignored reality!

    Thank you for your memories and your art, so important to us all Canadian – the roots –

    All the best on a successful tour. We loved having the work in G101, and I really enjoyed watching/listening to Lana’s artistic process and connection to family, and your eye as documentarian, Beth, was spot on.

  4. Beth MacKenzie

    Words and thoughts shared at:
    Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
    Yellowknife, NWT
    October 18 – November 10, 2018

    Thank you for giving me insight, knowledge, feeling, and appreciation.
    (heart) A

    Welcome to the Ithesonotine Dene Peoples Territory
    Marci Cho! Sah hel ha Kni
    Thank you for sharing your story thru art.
    Art is also about truth & traditions!
    The Territory identified as Chief Drygeese is untrue! Please share the true identity and not the one created by Gov’t’s.

    Thank you for sharing the hurt & resilience of your life story

    Thank you!

    Thank you for sharing your personal story and bringing important issues to forefront.

    Thank you for your truly inspiring sharing of your story through your voice and art. The piece of 3 generations particularly struck my heart.

    Thank you for your part in binging this important conversation, for creating safe spaces for this important conversation of reconciliation to all of us it will touch.
    S (Collingwood, ONT in YK)

    Thank you for finding and sharing your talk. I’m glad it’s on film and captured in your work s that you don’t always have to say it, but that so many of us can continue to hear it. I’m grateful for the conversation about “discomfort” and to check my privilege and luxury to go home and have the choice not to sit with trauma in my home.
    Mahci Cho!

    Meegwetch thank you. Touching words that tell the story thru art.

    Thank you for letting us see your healing journey, the reclaiming of your family’s path, and the creation of your beautiful art.

    Thank you very much for introducing me to your uncle and to your wisdom, and entering the pain that accompanied the process of bringing your story to light.

    Meegwetch, this has inspired me to find a way to put into art what is so hard to talk about – yet seeing how it instigates important conversations especially with mainstream Canadians.

  5. Beth MacKenzie

    Words and thoughts shared at:
    Blankstein Gallery & Wii ghoss
    Winnipeg Millennium Library,
    December 6, 2018 – January 13, 2019

    Beautiful work!

    Welcome to Winnipeg! Enjoy your stay.
    Your work is amazing with lasting impression!
    Thank you for sharing,
    BT & MN

    Great job, thank you for sharing!

    Beautiful and important work.
    Thank you.

    It’s sad for me to think that the faith/religion/spiritual/”thing” I’ve been a part of all my life did such wrong to Aboriginals. Seven Generations!

    Moving and Powerful. Thanks for sharing.

    Very thought provoking and expressive work.
    Thank you.

    (Broken Heart)

    Thank you for your beautiful and important work.

    Thank you for sharing your family story, your insight and your beautiful voice. Truly inspiring, thoughtful and so very layered with emotion, love and hurt. The video is very beautiful and gives insight to the artist’s mind.

    Art is a compelling way to make connections, and to make abstract ideas specific through a personal story. Your art is a piece in the puzzle to figuring a way forward.

    Looks pretty good
    MLC (Shanghai)

    Thank you for sharing so meaningfully through your art.

    Thank you so much for this powerful display. Your family’s stories and faces personalize this narrative.

    Profoundly beautiful work.
    Thank you.

    Quite an inspiration for everyone.
    Love your story.

    Excellent work. Very eye opening, thanks.
    RA (Selkirk, MB)

    I like Cosmetic Cree – Wow! Beautiful and eye-catching! And look before speaking – powerful.

    Thank you for allowing me to help with the installation and preparation for onward movement of this display. It was a great honour.

  6. Beth MacKenzie

    Words and thoughts shared at:
    Regina Public Library – George Bothwell Branch
    Creation Cube
    February 1 – 28, 2019

    Three Generation #4. So much hurt, but so much love.

    Great Show. Such strength.

    Thank you for sharing your story and strength through your art. Sending thanks for Three Generations #4. It hit my heart.

    (Broken Heart with threads holding it together)
    The person that helps you, needs help too.

    (Hearts within Hearts x4)

    Life can suck sometimes

    I’m sorry
    I had to learn the history on my own and was never brought up in a decent setting to respect the wonderful history of your community.
    I understand it now. I’m sorry …
    We are all here, my children understand. They will hold the future.

    Thank you for your contribution and sharing to the kids in library. My kids are interested in your animal portraits and colour them with passion!

    Thank you (smiley heart)

  7. Beth MacKenzie

    MARCH 15 – APRIL 30, 2019

    Lana, it was wonderful to finally meet you face to face. The beauty of your spirit and art has opened me.
    Thank you,

    Taanshi Lana, Taanshi Beth
    Together you’ve made a powerful testament to the strength & wisdom of Canada’s Aboriginal people.
    Lana, your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.
    I’m Métis from the Prairies – it was so nice to see someone from home.
    Thanks for coming to Halifax.

    Dearest Lana & Beth,
    So much and so many emotions I feel…
    Deep feelings surround me, of healing…
    Thank you,

    You teach so much, so well in this piece. Beautiful.
    Z (Halifax N.S.)

    I’ve been thinking about your uncle’s experience a great deal since watching your documentary and contemplating Lana’s art. It makes me both sad and hopeful to be part of the healing process and striving for a better future for all of us!

    Touched to have met Lana while on my own journey – in Edmonton. Her fire: power of past and power toward her future inspire and offer healing.
    KO’HA Artistry

    Your words & experience are amazing, educational & inspiring…
    Thank you for sharing.
    T-L C (Halifax N.S)

    THOSE CROWS!!! (heart)!!!

    ET (March 27th 2019)

    I think that you are all amazing and deserve so much love and smiles. Everyone should know what it’s like to be happy. I think you are strong, sometimes you just don’t know it yet. If you ever need help, reach out and find help. Wishing everyone an amazing day and know you are loved by someone. I may not know you but I love you and know you should be happy. Love you bye!

    02 April 2019
    I was part of the audience when your documentary film was shown at the Central Library. I was deeply touched by the stories you told about your uncle, your family, and Indian Residential Schools (IRS). I knew so little about the subject and thank you for sharing to help people like me understand more about the trauma experienced by many of your people forced into the IRS system. Since I saw “Lana Gets Her Talk”, I’ve come back to Central to view the film again… very privately in the First Nations Circle. I’ve viewed your art too… it is so powerful. Both your film and art have educated me and I thank you for being part of the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter Program. May Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people in Canada move forward in reconciliation in the future to share this beautiful special country in much more peaceful and equal ways.
    GB (Halifax)
    PS: “All the best” in your journey, Lana.

    April 10, 2019
    JRZ/EEB is my name and I am from the Wabigoon First Nations, Ojibwee of Northern Ontario. I come to this circle regularly at the Halifax Public Library to help heal from all past atrocities and present.
    We need to be using this circle for sharing circles to heal. We all have a part or connection to the harm done by Colonization. The things I have had to read and the prejudices/Racism, have been ever present in my life. The sharings of my Elders and youth and all are important so we don’t live in the past.
    I am happy there is direction in the right way, yet I am not happy with how all Humanity are being treated.
    I grew up knowing nothing of my (our) Aboriginal Culture, called a little Indian while growing and with the loss of my identity I ended up in jail where I began to learn of this part of my ethnicity. It saddens me to know that I am just one of many that are living life this way. This is why I carry my feathers, medicines, and pray/write my thoughts HERE.
    Thanks for asking.


    April 17/19
    Nakummek/Thank you for sharing your amazing art & shining light on a hard/thought provoking topic. As a grandchild of a person that attended day school in the north, it means a lot to me to see knowledge given to mainstream society. It takes a lot of healing energy and I appreciate your sharing. If you are ever at the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre please stop in to chat.

    Thank You So Much for sharing.
    We need to talk about what happened so that people understand.
    I visited this spot on the 3rd floor many times to watch the documentary
    (happy face)!

  8. Beth MacKenzie

    MAY 16- JUNE 28, 2019

    Hi there,
    My three year old daughter and I LOVE your work! Keep it up! It’s BEAUTUFUL!
    A & K

    Lana and Beth,
    I am beyond thrilled that your story continues to push me into learning and that I get to experience your film again – and see and hear all the new work.
    Best always,
    C O’H-S

    A moving experience. Thank you.
    C T

    Thank you for sharing so tenderly and courageously your art, film and humanity.
    With gratitude,
    W Y

    A very entertaining and educational event. Thanks for the hospitality and goodies. Enjoying myself! Also your friendly team.
    S W
    (smiley face)

    Beautiful! Touching, heartbreaking, important. Thank you so much!
    S R

    S & ZZ

    Lovely work. So happy to find this here.
    S M (June 2019)

    Sad and important work. Hoping with awareness such as your artwork things will improve.
    D M (June 2019)

    So beautiful (heart)

    Thanks so much for helping me keep in mind this “never again”
    I find peace in the upset
    N B
    One local 30+ years support of Indigenous Life from here to everywhere I can…
    I like this art. It is nice art

    Don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud of being a Canadian – now learning the full truth of pre-Canada’s First Nation People. Remember the truth always wants out.

    Thank you for this powerful exhibit that is both sad, beautiful and historic in its presentation. We need more projects, such as yours, to make Canadians more aware of the legacy and beauty that is our peoples of first nations.
    Best of luck,
    S H
    June 2019

    I hope more people become aware of our country’s history. I also appreciate the goal of peace! It was very shameful to have insensitive state run schools. The art on display is very inspiring.
    M C & R C

    It’s good. Liked it!

    Thank you! Meegwich!
    D R & D S

    Fantastic library

    Thank you for the wonderful are display and all those that preceded it!
    A H

    Thank you for sharing yoru art and story! Christopher love you! I am a 3 year old boy! (smiley face) (little boy’s letters CHR~I~)

    I wish that the colonizers would have taken time and respect to learn the ways of the first peoples, rather than insist on their way as the only right way (How arrogant!)
    I think first nations, descendants of colonizers, and immigrants would all be better off.
    I hope we can all find a way to live together in peace and equality, but it is Canada, not FIRST NATIONS that must make the effort. First Nations have done more than their part.
    Even though my ancestry is English, I count myself as a descendant of immigrants as my ancestors came to an already colonized Canada, only to find work and food an shelter their family. I hope and believe they would not have come to knowingly be occupiers.

    B liked it. Therefore you’re blessed.
    S D

    Thank you very much! Beautiful work that you are sharing here.
    A (June 2019)

    Absolutely lovely works!
    Wonderful to see video of the process.

    I’m in Toronto. Your paintings enlightened me.
    F A

    Such beautiful paintings. I really love the contrast, differences in meaning, and colours in each one of them. Very nice, so glad I got to see them

    (man with a cowboy hat)

    Arrived to hear a lecture in the auditorium however the art work of Lana Whiskeyjack drew me into a space of emotion ranging the spectrum. Blessings for the colour, the skills, the truth and so vast an expanse…
    Who will write for all women and the centuries of abuse, domination & discard & stupid waste of half of the human race. May I suggest te finer half..? I’d say yes!
    J A
    Blessings Lana Whiskeyjack

    S M
    June 2019

    Pain and silence – breaking it
    Speaking through wonderfully expressive portraits and sculpture
    Who caused that pain should be eternally punished and shamed
    J S

  9. Beth Wishart MacKenzie

    OCTOBER 16 – DECEMBER 15, 2019

    From all the books I read and stories I heard, those had most power who were based on true experience.
    I love the way you tell the story through different media, art and film.
    Thank you for your work, which is part of a healing journey.

    Thank you for this deep and creative sharing that is so critical, glad to have found it.
    (Smile) A

    So Beautiful and important. I love all her work and especially appreciate the documentary showing her thoughts and art processes.
    Thank you!

    Came across this unexpectedly when exploring the VPL for the 1st time. A very moving exhibition and documentary which has added considerably to my knowledge and understanding of the suffering of First Nation people.
    R (UK)

    Give the land back.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to hear and listen to your experiences, connections, difficulties, to have a glimpse into your heart and mind through your artwork. If it’s Ok, I hold my hands up high as taught to me by AP (?) (Nisga), D (?) from 3 Crows, P (?) and many other influential Indigenous peoples just like you, all leaders of these your peoples’ lands.

    Things are beautiful
    When the rain silently falls on
    The city below.

    Life doesn’t go the way one planned!
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
    That’s what I saw through the artworks.
    (Heart) D

    Thank you for sharing your story Lana. It was interesting to know about the life of a Native especially if it’s one of your relatives. If you were in in the Vancouver Public Library I would love to chat and ask questions especially about the medium you use. I have looked up a lot on your work and thought “Wow, you approved some film/connection to your work.” I had hoped to ask questions but it’s okay I guess. I love your work.
    From EP

    My heart was hurting a lot today. In a random journey I came to the library. Your story of your uncle was so loving and healing. I felt connection to your story. I am Quinaulte and we have had similar experiences bringing our family home, offering our love in these moments. I appreciate the healing you are bringing to our indigenous communities. Colonization has created an unfortunate shared experience with U.S. tribes. We gratefully also share our own cultural healing and ceremonies.
    Much love,