Lost My Talk

(Mixed-Media Sculpture)
by Lana Whiskeyjack

A triptych representing Lana’s late uncle, George, much loved and remembered for the good and sad memories he left behind; a reflection of the intergenerational silences learned from the Indian Residential School legacy and an effort to break those silences through the recovery of language, tradition, and cultural identity.

pîkiskwe-speak also includes OTHER ARTWORKS created by Lana, which speak to the themes and spirit of the installation.

Lana Gets Her Talk

(Documentary Film/37 min)
by Beth Wishart MacKenzie

A cinematic observation of Indigenous artist Lana Whiskeyjack as she works to complete a mixed-media sculpture of a tortured face, the face of her uncle (centre panel of triptych). Lana calls the piece Lost My Talk. This brief study of an artist and her work helps us come to some understanding of the trauma experienced by Canada’s Indigenous people in the IRS system, of its enduring effects on the children of Survivors, and of one woman’s journey to recover what was lost: dignity, identity, and voice. A story of resilience, Lana’s journey speaks of the power of Indigenous “ways of being” in our time.

During the Installation period the film will screen in a loop beside the artworks so visitors can stop a while to observe Lana’s process and contemplate her works.